Artemis 1 is a planned unscrewed Moon orbiting mission, the first spaceflight in NASA's Artemis program

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The next window for launch starts on 20th september,2022 but launch may not be possible until October,2022

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The mission known as Exploration Mission (EM-1), the mission was renamed following the creation of the Artemis program. The mission will lift off from Launch Complex 39B at the Kennedy Space Centre abroad the Space Launch System rocket


The Orion Spacecraft will be launched on a mission of between 26 and 42 days,  at least six of those days in a distant retrograde orbit around the Moon

After reaching orbit and performing a trance-lunar orion spacecraft will then return and reenter the Earth's atmosphere, protected by its heat shield, and splash down in the Pacific Ocean. The mission will certify Orion and the Space Launch System for crewed flights begining with Artemis 2

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The Orion spacecraft for Artemis 1 was stacked on 20 October 2021, marking the first time a super-heavy-lift vehicle has been stacked inside NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building(VAB)since the final Saturn V. On 17th August 2022, the fully stacked vehicle was rolled out for launch, after a series of delays caused by difficulties in pre-flight testing

The First Launch attempt was prepared on 29th August,2022 but it was cancelled due to a faulty reading on a redundant sensor

The second attempt on 3rd September,2022 was also cancelled due to a hydrogenic leakage problem. The next launch plan has been made on 20th September,2022

After this mission Artemins 2 will do perform a crewed lunar flyby and then Artemins 3 will be done a role of a crewed lunar landing. So its a team work of Artemins 1, Artemins 2 and Artemins 3. Five decades after the last apollo mission

The first attempt, a second launch attempt was scheduled for the afternoon 3rd September,2022. The Launch window would have have opened at 2:17 pm EDT, or 18:17 UTC, and lasted for two hours

The launch was cancelled at 11;17 am due to a fuel supply leak in a service arm connecting to the engine section. Launch operators have not yet decided on the date for the next launch attempt. The earliest possibility is 20th September,2022

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