Quality Affordable Healthcare for All Americans

Quality Affordable Healthcare for All Americans

Known as “Obamacare” by Americans, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) ensures that all Americans have access to affordable insurance.

The law itself covers much more than just insurance reform. It also outlines changes in health care delivery, how to address chronic disease and how to increase the primary care workforce. In total, the law spans 2,409 pages. You most likely don’t have the time read the entirety of the law so below is an overview of four of the titles that pertain directly to US citizens:

Quality Affordable Healthcare for All Americans

Quality Affordable Healthcare for All Americans

This section is perhaps the most discussed as it deals with health insurance and is the one most likely to impact you. Several politicians have chosen a few talking points from this section – namely that all Americans are required to have coverage and that the insurance itself could be cheap to free – but there are several provisions you should be aware of:

  • You will only receive discounts to help offset the cost of health insurance if you are making between one to four times the Federal Poverty Level. If you are 138 percent below this level you will be placed on Medicaid. Medicaid has also been expanded in 26 states.
  • You cannot be turned down or dropped for coverage for pre-existing conditions.
  • All health plans will require coverage of preventative services and immunizations.
  • There is no longer lifetime or unreasonable annual limits on benefits.
  • All Americans must maintain a Minimum Essential Coverage or they will receive a fine.
  • All small business owners must insure full-time workers.
  • Insurances can no longer charge more money based on health status gender or salary.
  • A faster and more effective appeals process if you are denied treatment.

The Role of Public Programs

The ACA also extends Medicaid and gives states the flexibility to adopt various strategies to improve care to beneficiaries of Medicaid and Medicare. As well, this section preserves CHIP (a children’s insurance plan) and simplifies its enrollment.

Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Health Care

Medicare has long been a point of contention for many politicians, but the ACA not only preserves it, it also makes Medicare more effective. Not only does it bring down drug costs for seniors, it brings the cost down for taxpayers as well by promoting preventative care and reducing spending in Medicare.

Disease and Improving Public Health

It’s been said that the best way to avoid illnesses is to practice preventative care and the ACA promotes this ideology. The goal in this section is to focus on educating the general public with more nutritional information and more accessible preventative services via increased funding.

There are six other sections in the law that cover everything from extending discounts on generic drugs to helping healthcare students pay their way through college. You can read more about the ACA on the Government Printing Office.

* Quality Affordable Healthcare for All Americans.